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EndoBalancing Rejuvenation Lotion

​Use the Extra Strength Formulation in EndoBalancing Rejuvenation Lotion during periods of endocrine stress or imbalance such as menopause, PMS, dysmenorrhea, hot flashes, excessive sweating, anxiety and sleep disruption and unexplained irritation, vertigo, heart palpations, changes in birth control regimes and period disruptions.

​The Extra Strength formulation is designed to balance out the misbehaving endocrine system and help eliminate unpleasant symptoms.  The phytosterols rejuvenate the skin then penetrate into your system making it easier for your system to synthesize the correct hormonal balance necessary for proper endocrine function.  When the stressful event has passed go back to using EssentialEffect for everyday use

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Essential Effect Rejuvenation Lotion

Use EssentialEffect, the Medic Formulation, as an everyday skin and system tonic for skin rejuvenation and ongoing system balance.  This anti wrinkle Medic Formulation has the same powerful herbs as EndoBalance but at a reduced concentration and in slightly different ratios. The EssentialEffect everyday formulation is designed to furnish these powerful antioxidant skin replenishment principles and phytosterols to tonify your skin and provide long term endocrine system balance.

​​Essential Effect information

Essential Effect is designed to provide the overall effect of St. John’s wort as an anti-inflammatory and a mild balancing nervine, which can be used anytime, not just at night.  I use the lotion after a shower over most of my body as it spreads very effectively when there is a little water on the skin. 

There should be no interference with anti-depressants or estrogen therapies, because the overall formulation is designed as a tonic, with no one herb used at the level of a medicinal dose.  It is the overall synergistic effect of each herbal working together as a complex, which I am trying to achieve in this formulation.  If you use estrogen, you may find that the amount of estrogen you use can be reduced, as these same herbs, which are so good for your skin, also do a very nice job of keeping your endocrine system in balance.

Fears, Confusion & Misconceptions surrounding Estrogen & Hormones 

First of all, there is no such human or nonhuman hormone called estrogen.

Estrogen refers to an activity and/or a class of hormones.  Estradiol, which is a hormone with estrogenic properties along with a number of other estrogens, is responsible for the human reproductive cycle. There are estrogen receptors, type I and type II where estrogens bind within the cell to produce their estrogenic effects.  However, estrogen isn’t one of them because there’s no such hormone…..confused?

​Human hormones do not occur in plants.  Of course, that being said, there is a little testosterone in the pollen of Scotch pine and trace amounts of estrone in date palm seeds but ALL the other hormones in plants, the phytosterols are NOT human hormones.  There are hundreds of phytosterols in plants, some medicinal, some with phytoestrogenic effects.  When we eat these plants i.e. vegetables and seeds we are consuming and absorbing these phytosterols…. we are eating hormones and they are very good for us.

​Estrogens under certain conditions can be carcinogenic.  More specifically alpha & beta estradiol, over expressed in binding to the type II estrogen receptor, is implicated in breast cancer.  Some phytosterols can also bind to this type II receptor site and when the phytosterol is occupying this site, estradiol cannot occupy the site.  These phytosterols by preventing estradiol from occupying this site actually help reduce the risk factor for these types of cancers, NOT INCREASE THEM.  As a group the phytosterols are responsible for many medicinal actives in the plant world.  Their activities, for one, are anti-inflammatory and have many other positive biological activities including the control of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause and the reduced risk for osteoporosis.

​Another legitimate fear of hormones are the xenoestrogens, a class of hormones invented by human beings to help master nature.  Some find there way into plastic production and degradation, others are used to screw up the reproductive cycle of bugs to try and control crop destruction.  These synthetic human invented hormones can be very carcinogenic to humans and can show up in our food system in small amounts.  These synthetic hormones are NOT phytosterols.  There only relationship to phytosterols is their chemical structure, which puts them in a general class of compounds called hormones or steroids.

Wild Yam has phytosterols with phytoestrogenic effects.  These phytosterols are NOT human hormones; they are not estrodial and of course not estrogen because there is no such hormone as estrogen.  Some enterprising organic chemist realized that with a couple of magic chemistry steps he could convert wild yams’ phytosterols into human estrogens:  progesterone, alpha and beta estradiol, which could then be used in birth control formulations.  These lab created bio-identical hormones have nothing in common with Wild Yam which DOES NOT contain human hormones, it contains it’s own very helpful phytosterols.  When you eat a yam, any yam, you are eating and absorbing these very same phytosterols but in lesser amounts they are very good for you.

​I hope this information is helpful as phytosterols have tremendous potential as human medicinals.  I would recommend:  Medical Herbalism, a textbook written by David Hoffmann.  This is my main reference text, well written and researched; integrating western science while respecting all the power of the plants we depend on.

          EssentialEffect  Rejuvenation  Lotion  and    EndoBalancing  Rejuvenation  Lotion  

These lotions are carefully blended formulations of oils, tinctures and extracts of plant antioxidants and phytosterols designed to add back, into your skin, the nutrients either lost through the aging process or through sun inducted oxidative stress.  These same plant molecules then pass into your system to provide your endocrine system with these phyto-compounds to help balance out your endocrine system.

​Every effort has been made to accomplish this without any industrial chemicals to help accommodate even the most sensitive constitution.  Even the essential oils, that add fragrance, have been selected for their powerful system supportive properties.  There are two formulations:  The Medic Formulation used in EssentialEffect Rejuvenation Lotion and the Extra Strength formulation:  EndoBalancing Rejuvenation Lotion.

Listed below are all ingredients in both formulations and their essential properties that make EssentialEffect and EndoBalancing so effective.

Cocoa Butter:  An emollient and skin softener, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Pumpkin Seed Oil (O):  A fine oil carrier agent with phytosterols, anti-inflammatory, a stress reducer and hormone balancer.

St. Johnswort Olive Oil (W,US):  St. Johnswort oil is an infusion of fresh plant tops and flowers into olive oil.  This infusion moves the active lipid fraction of St. Johnswort into the olive oil.  The olive oil aids in the movement and absorption of phyto molecules through the skin.  St. Johnswort is a nervine, relaxant and anxiety reducer with phytosterol activity. 

Vegetable Wax:  A long chain natural wax used to make subtle adjustments in the lotions body. 

Aloe Vera (O):  A skin soothing antioxidant containing phytosterols which act as a uterus tonic, endocrine balancer, skin healer to reduce skin aging. 

​Glycerin:  Emollient, humectant moisturizer which helps, adjust the movement of active principles into the skin, a skin surface cooler.

Chamomile Water (O):  Skin toning, skin defense against sun drying, burning and oxidative stress.  An antispasmodic and nervine with system wide relaxing capabilities.

Tinctures of:
St. Johnswort (W,US):  By combining the tincture principle with the oil principle the full power of this fantastic plant helps bring the antioxidant, phytosterols and anti anxiety balance your system.

Vitex (O):  The Chasteberry tree fruit are a powerful hormonal normalizer and pituitary stabilizer.

Wild Yam Root (US):  A powerful hormonal normalizer and effective anti-inflammatory.

White Willow Bark (WC):  Salix alba is where ‘aspirin’ came from.  It is a powerful systems anti-inflammatory.

Black Cohosh Root (O,US):  Cimicifuga racemosa, a North American plant with powerful phytosterols, antispasmodics and analgesic properties used for endocrine balance. 

Essential Oils of:
YlangYlang:  Hypotensive, nervine, sedative, antidepressant, improves libido.

Patchouli:  Antidepressant, nervine, anti-inflammatory, endocrine hormone balancer, improves libido, astringent.

Frankincense:  Astringent, tones skin, uterine tonic, sedative, anti-aging.Cedar:  Antispasmodic, astringent, sedative, anti-inflammatory.

​Vetiver:  Anti-inflammatory, sedative, nervine, cooling, improves libido.

Vitamin E:  Improves cellular metabolism, antioxidant, lipid-soluble movement through the skin, free radical scavenger.

Astaxanthin:  A carotenoid extract from Haematococcus, a microalgae, with anti oxidative power hundreds of times more powerful than vitamin A.  Useful to counteract macular degeneration and capable of crossing the blood brain barrier.

(O)=Organic       (W)=Wildcrafted        (US)=A U.S. herb